Did you know that personnel salaries and expenses make up 81% of the Cherry Hills Village Police Department’s annual budget? That means only 19% of the department budget is available for equipment upgrades, new technology, training initiatives, or community-focused projects that go beyond basic police services.

We don’t want basic. We want the best.

To provide our residents the enhanced protection & support they deserve, The Cherry Hills Village Police Foundation works to raise funds from the community and foster grant applications to support the following public safety priorities:

Education & Training:

Continued career training and development is of paramount importance to our CHVPD officers and community. With proper funding, we will be able to ensure outside instructors are regularly leveraged to provide specialized training in the latest courses, including:
Anti-Bias, Community Policing, Use of Force, Critical Incident, Incident Command, Policing Ethics, and more.

Additionally, funding will be made available for leadership training and development programs conducted by the International Association of Chiefs of Police, Northwestern University Staff and Command School, the FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development Association, and more.


We aim to provide our officers with the latest equipment, including new vehicles and their continued maintenance, as well as upgraded crime scene & evidence procurement technology. Additionally, CHVPD is looking to implement a drone program for incident response and search and rescue measures.

Legislative Mandates:

The Cherry Hills Village Police Foundation will aid in supporting all state and local legislative mandates, most notably SB20-217 which requires the use of body-worn cameras by local officers beginning July 1, 2023. CHVPD implemented and administered the program in 2022.

Safety Gear:

We believe our department should have enough safety gear, including ballistic vests and helmets, for every officer. At the moment, CHVPD does not, and requires officers to check out gear before working a shift.

Health & Wellbeing:

The ability to fund wellness programs catering to physical and mental health will help ensure our officers are at their very best when patrolling and serving our community.

Personnel & Family Assistance:

Our community takes care of one another. In the event of severe illness, injury, or catastrophe, The Cherry Hills Village Foundation will help provide added support to officers and their families.


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